Sculptural Art Jewellery

Dive into the world of Mass Lee where storytelling meets jewellery.

With inspiration sources from art, design, and other various cultural concepts, Mass Lee translates diverse themes into collections. Never limiting their source of inspiration to a single style or concept, yet keeping a sense of playfulness and aesthetics to each piece of jewellery they create.  Giving you the chance to incorporate a little bit of art into your daily life through jewellery.



Bespoke Jewellery & Objects

Next to in-house produced collections, Mass Lee Jewellery also is open to collaborating on other bespoke works.

Are you searching for a special jewellery made to measure as a gift or for yourself, or do you need that special ring for your special day, or perhaps you would like an artwork to decorate your home?

Then don't hesitate to commission an exclusive piece from Mass Lee.

Visit the Store

Kloosterstraat 28, 2000 Antwerp 

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday 11-18

Sunday 13-18

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