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Gems of Gouache Earrings

Sculptural Art Jewellery

Drawing inspiration from art, design, and a myriad of cultural concepts, Mass Lee transforms a range of themes into captivating collections. Unbound by a singular style or concept, they infuse every piece of jewelry they craft with a delightful sense of playfulness and aesthetics. Embrace the fusion of art and everyday life by adorning yourself with their exquisite jewelry sculptures.



Bespoke Jewellery & Objects

Next to in-house produced collections, Mass Lee Jewellery welcomes collaborations for bespoke creations.
Are you searching for a special jewellery made to measure as a gift or for yourself, or do you need that special ring for your special day, or perhaps you would like an artwork to decorate your home? Entrust the creation of an exclusive masterpiece to Mass Lee and bring your vision to life.

Playful white flower bouquet with Mass Lee Jewellery in it, and a Mass Lee Ribbon.


Mass Lee Jewellery, Shadow catching the Daisy Earrings in gold, from the Dear Eden and Revery Fields collection. Natural sunlight.

Visit the Store

Kloosterstraat 28, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium


Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday 11-18

Sunday 13-18

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