is founded and driven by a designer duo, Josefine Mass and Dabin Lee since 2020 in Antwerp. The best-friends studied together Contemporary Jewellery in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and ever since they longed to have an input in the jewellery world with their own “creative ingredient”.


Having both a broad knowledge of techniques and materials and together with their international narrative, Josefine Mass (FIN) and Dabin Lee (KR) strive to translate their jewellery into fascinating daily wear.


Mass Lee also aspires to provide its clients with sustainably handcrafted design pieces with a strong visual and conceptual identity that complement the wearer's confidence.

Mass Lee - About
Mass Lee Atelier

The atelier of Mass Lee  is located in Antwerp where the whole production takes place. All the pieces and collections are created and produced solely in Antwerp. 

By keeping the production in-house they are able to experiment, adjust and have overall full control over the product. They collaborate and rely on local craftsmen with years of expertise when their skills become limited to sustain the product quality.

One of the company's core values is also to produce ethical and sustainable jewellery, which they truly achieve by using recycled metals from the local metal refinery in Antwerp.