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Mass Lee Jewellery designer duo Designer Josefine Mass
Mass Lee Jewellery designer duo, Designer Dabin Lee


The designers, Josefine Mass and Dabin Lee, crossed paths during their studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. It was there that their friendship blossomed, and their shared love for jewelry ignited a creative spark.

In their jewelry designs, Mass and Lee draw inspiration from diverse sources, enriched by their multicultural experiences. Mass, hailing from Finland, infuses her work with a profound appreciation for Nordic simplicity and a playful touch of modernism. Meanwhile, Lee, with her Korean heritage, pays homage to a longstanding tradition of meticulous craftsmanship and intricate designs.

By embracing each other's backgrounds and identities, they effortlessly find a unified visual language. Through their unwavering dedication to storytelling and the fusion of jewelry, art, and scenography, Mass Lee crafts a distinct world within each of their creations. Every piece they make tells a compelling narrative, inspiring wearers to forge a genuine connection and deep affection for their cherished jewelry.

In addition to developing collections, Mass Lee also undertakes bespoke jewelry projects, catering to individual preferences, and actively engages in private assignments and art ventures.

Mass Lee Atelier, working hands on silver jewellery. Handcrafted in Antwerp


Nestled in the heart of Antwerp, Mass Lee's atelier serves as the creative hub where the designers personally craft and produce each jewelry piece and collection.

With their extensive knowledge of techniques and materials, acquired through education and experience, both designers firmly believe that jewelry can transcend boundaries, seamlessly merging art and fashion through the power of storytelling. They refuse to be confined by a single style or technique, viewing jewelry as the perfect medium for artistic expression. By keeping the production process in-house, they enjoy the freedom to experiment, make adjustments, and maintain complete control over the final product.


Sustainability holds a pivotal place in the company's core values, and Mass Lee wholeheartedly embraces this commitment. They prioritize the use of recycled metals sourced from the local metal refinery in Antwerp, minimizing environmental impact. When faced with specialized skills beyond their expertise, they collaborate with and rely upon the expertise of local craftsmen from the renowned Antwerp diamond district. This collaboration ensures that the product's quality remains uncompromised, while also supporting the local community.

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