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Mass Lee Jewellery designer duo Designer Josefine Mass
Mass Lee Jewellery designer duo, Designer Dabin Lee


Designer duo Josefine Mass and Dabin Lee met during their studies in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp

where their friendship and passion for jewellery sparked.


When designing jewellery, Mass and Lee find inspiration in various sources mostly thanks to their international narratives.

Mass being Finnish uses her strong sense of Nordic simplicity and playful modernism, and Lee as a Korean respects her longstanding tradition of careful craftwork and detailed designs.


They both manage to find a common visual language by admiring each others origins and identities. With an abundance of dedication for storytelling and mixing jewellery, the arts and scenography, Mass Lee create a new world in every piece they make. A story that inspires the wearer to have a real connection and a strong fondness towards their acquired jewellery.


Next to creating collections, Mass Lee also produces custom jewellery and engage in private jewellery assignments and art projects.

Mass Lee Atelier, working hands on silver jewellery. Handcrafted in Antwerp


The atelier of Mass Lee is located in the heart of Antwerp where all the jewellery pieces and collections are created and produced by the designers self.

Both designers own a broad knowledge of techniques and materials through their education and experience, they believe that jewellery can be the ideal medium to combine art and fashion trough the act of storytelling without limiting to a style or technique. By keeping the production in-house they are able to experiment, adjust and have full control over the product.


Sustainability, is also one of the company's core values, which they truly respect by using recycled metals from the local metal refinery in Antwerp. They collaborate and rely on local craftsmen from the Antwerp diamond district with years of expertise if their skills become limited, so that they can sustain the product quality.

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