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"Muse" Necklace

"Muse" Necklace


The "Muse" necklace derives its name from the pledge to honor the wearer as the artist's ultimate inspiration. The concept for this necklace originated from the graceful act of squeezing white paint from its container. The essence of this experience is beautifully captured in the organic shape and form of the natural baroque pearl featured in the necklace. To add a touch of playfulness, a discreet hint of gold is incorporated into the magnetic clasp, cleverly concealed among the pearls, enabling the strand of pearls to flow gracefully and endlessly around the neck.


Our pearls are all real natural pearls.


The Be My Muse collection is an homage to art and the classical concept of the painters muse, who in this collection is the wearer. 


Delicatley handcrafted in Antwerp, Belgium.

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