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"Seasons" Ring

"Seasons" Ring


The “Seasons” Ring, takes inspiration from the painters palette and the different moods an artist has through seasons. Just like The Seasons, a set of four paintings produced in 15th century by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, we have categorised the rings into seasons based on their color and mood. You can choose this ring in 4 different options: Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer. We note that all rings are painted by hand with enamel and are therfore all unique pieces.


The Be My Muse collection is an homage to art and the classical concept of the painters muse, who in this collection is the wearer.


*If you wish you have your own custom color, do mention which color at the check out. We will contact you in person shortly.


Delicatley handcrafted in Antwerp, Belgium

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